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Anonymous said:
Do you think that the 1989 album will be ALL pop? 'Cause i will miss all the acustic songs. Is not like i don't like the new song, i love it! But i really want to hear an acustic song in the album :(

I do think it will be all pop, but I don’t think that means no acoustic slow songs! There are plenty of pop albums out there with amazing, slow ballads on them. I will argue that Red was a practically pop album and yet look what it gave us! Taylor KNOWS she’s got fans out there that love her for her lyrics and melodies on songs like All Too Well (her Grammy performance is proof of that knowledge) and she’s not gonna just leave us in the dust. Shake It Off is catchy, light, fun, positive and very very very poppy. It’s gonna hit the charts hard and Taylor knows it. She’s smart. She knows what’s gonna sell and yet she also knows what’s gonna keep her old fans loyal and she’s not going to give up either of those.

Rodarte Fall/Winter 2014

Anonymous said:
Can you tell me where can i get the font and the polaroid on 1989 album

Here’s the polaroid! The font is just Taylor’s handwriting :)

Anonymous said:
there are people saying the shake it off video is racist :(

To be honest, I think it does kind of walk the line of cultural appropriation. At the same time, however, I think the whole concept of the video is that Taylor is doing her best to be herself and be true to who she is while being thrown into situations that very much aren’t her. So in a sense, she’s not adopting black culture in order to profit off it (as is the definition of cultural appropriation), but rather using it as an example of a culture she is not part of. She’s not the one twerking, she’s the one who can’t twerk and doesn’t fit in. I do see some legitimacy in what people are saying about it though.